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Screen protectors are just semi-product.

There are two type of product on the planet.

The first is General-product (We called just "product"), the left one is Semi-product.

For example, what do you think about "Air-conditioner"?

It is a semi-product because required the installation by someone.

Otherwise, "Refrigerator"?

Yeah, It's general-product.

You just stand it, plug-in, well done easily.

How about "Screen protectors"?

It's kind of Semi-product because required installation.

This is the same case as "Screen protectors VS Cases"

There are lot of screen protectors in the market at this time.

All of them want to say "Something unique in our screen protectors!!"

They do not consider even how to apply.

No matter who manufacturers, Brands are.

We can expect that the devices are getting bigger and more geometric shape as well.

That's why we stands for.

That's why we claim for.


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