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Platform Business

As a screen protect solution.

More than the screen protectors.

The screen protectors are the cheapest way to protect your mobile devices.

We are a platform-based solution company with screen protectors.


Do the sellers/manufacturers worry about how consumers attach the screen protector did they buy on the market?


We do.

We provide a consistent solution regardless of the purchase channel.

Offline, online marketplace even gift for free.



As a Digital Marketing tool.


We offer the valuable solution for professional business customers.

We offer the OEM/ODM supplying also can be offered licensing contract even 'DB' solution in worldwide.

The customer's benefits.

For screen protector manufacturers.

We serve an applying rate, stock status on the web service via pin-code and location data.

The Customers can set the Lock-In-market effects because of its unique User-Interface and User-Experience. 

For smart-device manufacturers.

We serve the easy applying solution of screen protectors to whom want to apply it across the on/off-line's market place.

For carriers.

We serve the maintenance capability of device which required keep-in-freshness for their consumers.

For enterprise /  group customers.

We serve the simple and easy way of maintenance solution to supervisor who in charge of device management dept.

In general, we already know that had to be applied the screen protectors In hospital, school, military services or POS as commerical purpose.

Sales management.

Now you can check your sales performance in worldwide.

Where to install

Marketing Item.

Now you can lead your market in worldwide.

Platform for Enterprises.
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