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Download & install the 'justfit' application.
It's free of charge.

Justfit at

Purchasing the'justfit screen protectors' from stores.

You can find the blank to fill-in your pin-code when you run the "justfit" app.

Type yours - in the package - and then you'll get the Guarantee Service Window.

You can get the alignment image after that. 

Align and apply your screen protectors with printed images and displayed one.

Aslo, you'll receive your guarantee of purchasing via email which saved in application.


Printing Technology.

Our printing tech allow the "high resolution printing" on screen protector.
We can print various text, patterns, CI/Logo, images on the right position precisely.
​We're using the "3D Digital Flat Printing" Technology.

App Technology.

'Zoom in and out' and 'scroll up and down' funcion can be happened during apply.

Those function can distract the people apply the screen protector on the screen.

Essentially multi-finger function should be inativated during apply for a while.

That's why our app is better, quit different.

Patented Secure Technology.

We distinguish our customers via "Pin-code" which encrypted.
To activate a pin-code, just type and sumit yours at the beginning.
As a result, It allows the activate of genuine, anti-duplication, customizing, CS, inquiry, etc.
​You don't have to worry about the security anymore.
There are two key points of screen protectors when people apply it.
The first is adhesive-properties, the left one is alignment.
From now on, the performance of alignment is not much more than that.
Because the shape of devices was rectangular and just feature phone like
a folderble also someone had to applied it even machine's assist.
In addition, the consumers used to buy it at off-line stores. 
Now, we are faced with buying online market places and apply it ourselves.
In addition, the shape of devices getting bigger and more geometrically.
The merchantability of the screen protectors are lowered.
The justfit is the only one who can improve the merchantability of screen protectors.
Now, Let's try together! 
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